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BigPond was arguably Commons biggest identity to date and had a very complicated story behind its conception. Entertainment online didn't really exist in the way it does now, so creating a brand that needed to survive alone as a new concept, yet have subliminal connotations of Telstra as it was a Telstra initiative plus develop a creative strategy that allowed them to be at the forefront of entertainment / music / sports and gaming online - before the idea of entertainment online had really been actualised.

We developed a variable letter (o) allowing sub brands to live within the master brand identity via a simple icon replacement – something quite daring for a large corporate brand identity. This also acted through shape as the subliminal connection to Telstra, the parent brand. And allowed BigPond to seamlessly start to take ownership of sub brands through iconography. We also developed a full font with variable letters appealing to various demographics so we could talk more directly to sub demographics – eg: music > youth letterforms. And then took the brand across multiple touch points including broadcast. A successful brand identity and one recognised for its form within the corporate sector.