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TEDxSydney 2014

Event Branding and screen vision

Common was introduced to the TEDxSydney team as design lead in 2014. We took the role of creating the holistic visual language of TEDxSydney across all touch points including the event day on screen brand visuals in the Opera House. We developed the brand document for 2014 which in turn created the base grid for everything from event day screen creative to airport media.

The idea was a very simple typographic deconstruction of the ‘X’ which makes up the ‘individual event’ symbol of the global TED brand, creating a device that worked with the idea of TED that anything is possible if we spread ideas wide enough. Breaking the x into > greater than and < less than symbols we attempted to convey that the content between the symbols represented total freedom of ideas. This simple concept was spread across every touch point. The team that made up the motion graphics on screen on event day in The Opera House was. Common: concept, design and creative direction / Actual: design and co-direct / Mindconsole: compositing / Rumble: sound. A truly great team to work across such an iconic brand. And working closely with Alfred, the shows executive production company across any tangible elements and stage sets tied the whole piece together as a great visual experience.